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Adaptor is very important part for a laptop, how to indentify a quality, the weight must be enough, so reflect inside could be a solid cooper parts, and reduce some degree of radiation as well.

Product Summary

16V/3.36A, 16V/3.75A, 19V/3.16A, 19V/4.22A, 20V/8A

19V/3.16A, 19V/3.42A, 19V/4.74A, 19V/6.3A, 20/6A, and 19V/7.9A.






Turbo Tech International

 Compaq series,

18.5V/2.7A, 18.5V/3.8A, 18.5V/4.9A, 18.5V/4.9A, 19V/3.16A, 19V/4.9A, 19V/4.8A, 18.5V/6.5A, 19V/6.3A, 18.5V/3.5A, 18.5V/4.5A

DELL, series.

20V/3.5A, 20V/4.5A, 19.5V/3.34A, 19.5V/4.62A,  19.5V/6.7A

FUJITSU, series

HP/CPMPAQ, series

18.5V/3.5A, 18.5V/1.1A, 19V/3.16A, 18.5V/4.9A, 19V/4.74A, 19V/4.74A, 18.5V/4.74A, 19V/3.95A, 18.5V/6.5A, 19V7.1A

IBM, series

16V/3.5A, 16V/3.36A, 16V/4.5A, 19V/4.2A, 20V/3.25A, 20V/4.5A, 19V/3.16A

T:021 671 5061

C:072 913 5750